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Hello, I'm Mad Mick, I have played the sax since I was 16 and been in numerous bands, initially in the Tunbridge Wells area. The first record I did was with "Taste of Tears" based in Wadhurst, East Sussex; then a band called Sensei with "Pillow Talk".

During my fanatical practicing times of 12 hours a day I answered a Melody Maker advert "Sax player requred for World Tour", in my camper van I travelled to Kew Gardens for my Audition where I met Josh (The Guru - Paul), Richard, the Prof and Thames, the bass player with the wild hair; and got the job.

I immediately moved in to the youth club squat, which was pretty mad! We lived together as a band called Joshua Crys Wolf and had success as a glam pop band playing the Hippodrome, Stringfellows etc and winning a Yamaha Band competition and having some good nights!

An old girlfriend sent me a postcard from Australia saying "you should try ecstacy! It's mental!" an opportunity arose when a friend from South Africa, in 1989 said "Come to a party in Brighton" so we did.. and we didn't look back.

Running a music agency called A-Z in Tooting, London with Josh, we used to play all around London in a duo called "Josh & Mad Mick". Samplers were new at the time, so we acquired one and started using it in our live set. The birth of Guru Josh.

Two years of partying finished up in Tokyo, playing with Black Box, Ride on Time in the Pax Theatre. I left Josh in Tokyo and lived in Hawaii for ten months, came back to England, lived in the West End, did a few albums with The Anti No-where League, Stevie V and numerous other ventures and then had the opportunity to go to Spain where I lived for two years doing a solo show in Marbella, Fuengirola and Costa Del Sol.

I came back to England in 1994, carried on my solo show and had two wonderful children and have been doing numerous gigs, recording, I've been to New Zealand on several occasions for dance projects and now on the South Coast in East Sussex.

On the back of the Guru Josh Project 2008 I have been sponsored to create some new dance tunes which has been going very well, you can check out the latest tracks here and see previous material. Enjoy!

Love ya



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